gluten-free homemade ice cream cake pops
August 13, 2018

Homemade Ice Cream Cake Pops (Gluten-Free, Vegan Optional)

Ice Cream and Cake, and Cones… Oh My!

Sometimes you’re in the mood for all of the desserts and it’s so tempting not to eat them all. Do you go with sweet, refreshing ice cream in a crunchy cone? How about a nice piece of some homemade cake, or a petite cake pop alternative? It can really turn into a difficult dilemma. Luckily, creative minds inspired by creamy, non-dairy ice cream have created a solution: homemade ice cream cake pops! These frozen desserts make great additions to any freezer. They are gluten-free, big 8 allergen-friendly, and vegan optional.

gluten-free homemade ice cream cake pops

From the fun “Pinterest worthy” recipe creation process, to the first sweet bite of victory – these homemade ice cream cake pops are absolutely epic. Created by the talented This Vivacious Life, you know they’re 100% gluten-free and decked out in gold sprinkles! This Homemade Ice Cream Cake Pops Recipe made with perfectlyfree® non-dairy ice cream has quickly made its way to our bookmarked pages.

Accommodating Allergens & Vegan Option

In addition to being gluten-free, these homemade ice cream cake pops are vegan optional and big 8 allergen-friendly (contains coconut) with the switch of a few ingredients. As always, the non-dairy ice cream is top 8 allergen friendly (contains coconut), certified vegan, non-gmo, and Kosher. For the ingredients that may need to be substituted, feel free to use your go-to ingredients, or even consider these recommended products:

Let Them Eat Cake Pops!

“What could be better than cake and ice cream in a white chocolate dipped cone?” asked This Vivacious Life. “These gluten-free ice cream cake pops are going to be your kids new favorite treat!” Truthfully, we couldn’t agree more. These dangerously crave worthy treats are meeting all of our dessert needs.

homemade ice cream cake pops with perfectlyfree pints

Any one of our non-dairy ice cream flavors make the perfect addition to these unique ice cream cake pops. We love the idea of creating these on a rainy day, for a fun night spent in, or even for your next family party! Regardless of the occasion, these homemade ice cream cake pops offer a tasty solution to nearly any dessert craving. And yes, your next Netflix binge counts as an occasional, too.

Click here for the recipe ingredients & instructions.

overhead image of perfectlyfree homemade ice cream cake pop close up

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