It’s time for healthier, happier snacking! Every perfectlyfree® product is 100% plant-based, allergy-friendly, low-sugar, and super delicious! Good-for-you treats that make everybody smile. Enjoy!

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New Fruit Bites

Perfect for lunch boxes, our fruit bites are packed with fruit, but not sugar— only 5 grams per serving.

Frozen Bites

Our non-dairy bites are sweet, creamy, and healthy. (Yes, really.)

Delight vs. Deny

With 100% plant-based, and unexpectedly flavorful perfectlyfree® treats and pints, you’re free to cave in to your cravings. Post workout, mid-day snack. Whenever!

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Moms love that our treats are 100% plant-based and allergy-friendly. And kids, well, just love ‘em.

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Frozen Pints. Nothing but good, clean, yum.

Indulge your sweet tooth. Without an ounce of regret.

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about us

We’re on a mission to keep it simple. For us, that means focusing on creating a line of healthy treats that leave out the bad stuff
but keep in the fun. Everything we make has to be plant-based, allergy-friendly, low in sugar, and packed with flavor that will make moms, dads, and even their kids happy. From our fresh, healthy fruit snacks for kids, to our perfectly delicious frozen bites, to the best dairy-free frozen pints you’ve ever tasted, perfectlyfree® is all about leaving you free to relax, indulge, and enjoy with a smile.

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