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Life with food allergies can be stressful. Every day, uncertainties arise around the choices you make, not always knowing if the food in front of you is safe for you to eat. perfectlyfree® is dedicated to the mission of developing allergy-friendly foods that allow individuals and families with dietary restrictions to enjoy safe, delicious experiences.

The Big 8
perfectlyfree® puts those worries at ease, with Big 8 allergy-friendly products that are manufactured in a dedicated free-from facility.

We are inspired by stories like the Braga family, who’s daughter, Shayla, has suffered from severe allergies since she was a newborn. The Braga family has set out to educate people about food allergies, taking month-long tours across the country in their own RV, where they can have control over the food and kitchen conditions for everything Shayla enjoys. They deserve a tasty treat, or an on-the-go snack that they can trust and enjoy, and that is why perfectlyfree® will continue to put out allergy-friendly products that are undeniably delicious.

behind our mission: Incredible Foods™

Incredible Foods™ is a five-year-old, venture-backed company headquartered in Boston, MA. We strive to develop unique, all-inclusive products that are both delicious and provide an experience – one that is fun to eat and enhances the lives of those who enjoy them. Through its perfectlyfree® brand, Incredible Foods™ is committed to creating delicious “Big 8 Allergy-Free” foods for those who desire a fuller, happier, healthier lifestyle. All perfectlyfree® items contain only natural, premium ingredients that are non-GMO and free from the Big 8 food allergens. Incredible Foods™ operates its own dedicated, free-from facility where all of perfectlyfree® products are made.

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