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Stories from our Community

"I love perfectly free..."

Madelyn B.

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I love perfectly free...

I have an allergy to eggs, dairy, and nuts. It is really hard to find yummy desserts and I love perfectly free. Especially the chocolate ones. I don't feel different because all my friends like to eat then too.

"They taste just as good as ice cream..."

Saffron S.

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They taste just as good as ice cream...

As someone who has recently been put on a dairy free AND gluten free diet due to recent health problems, Perfectly Free allows me to enjoy a very yummy frozen treat during the hot summer days. They taste just as good as ice cream, and I'd even argue that they taste better!

"...a healthy nut free frozen snack..."

Kelly F.

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...a healthy nut free frozen snack...

My little guy can enjoy a healthy nut free frozen snack and I don't worry about him having a reaction.

"...something to celebrate!"

Paula P.

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...something to celebrate!

The perfect free treats allow me to make sure that everyone in my family can enjoy an ice cold treat for dessert. My daughter has celiac and has to eat gluten free, and my other daughter and son in law have dairy allergies. Finding desserts for everyone, especially during the summer, has always been a challenge-- so these treats have definitely given me something to celebrate!

"...your treats make him feel included..."

Denise S.

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...your treats make him feel included...

It's so hard with a child and a SEVERE peanut allergy, can't take him to any ice cream shops at all like normal kids so your treats make him feel included that he can have something cold and delicious that is fun. I was beyond thrilled when I found them and to know they are made in Boston!!! Thank u so much for a safe treat for everyone!!!!

"...the perfect size for a little treat..."

Lilly M.

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...the perfect size for a little treat...

As a child i grew up with peanut and treenut and soy allergy but supposedly outgrew the soy allergy. Then last year i found out i was lactose intolerant after everything i ate had dairy in it; since all i was eating was cereal and milk, pasta with cheese, and yogurt and fruit. Soy then i tried soy milk with my cereal but had a minor allergic reaction to all the soy. It has been very hard to find treats that are peanut, treenut, soy, and lactose free that are actually tasty. Three weeks ago i saw a commercial on tv of the perfectly free frozen bites and made my mom stop at the store on her way home to get them for me. I have had the blueberry and vanilla, the salted caramel and vanilla, and cocoa and vanilla and i love all of them so much that my mom bought them again for me even though she said she wouldn't because of the price. They are the perfect size for a little treat when it is hot in the sun and good for desert too!

"Thank you for what you do!"

John B.

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Thank you for what you do!

My 5 year old son is allergic to dairy, nuts, eggs, and shellfish. It was difficult for us to find an Ice cream treat that wouldn't send him into anaphylaxis. Since we discovered your product he has been able to have something whenever he wants. To hear your son say 'I love these' when he hasn't been able to enjoy ice cream in the past is priceless. Thank you for what you do!

"...a quick yummy dessert!"

Julia G.

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...a quick yummy dessert!

Where do I start!..... my husband and two children all have a disease called eosiniphilic esophagitis. They are allergic to all dairy, soy and nuts and deserts of any kind are difficult! I just bought the chocolate flavor and they love them! No longer do they feel deprived of a quick yummy dessert! Thank you for making them!

"It's a way of life."

Taryn C.

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It's a way of life.

It's a way of life. It's the new normal. It's how we function as a family. We are a food allergy family. We entered this world one and a half years ago when I had my first son. After two 911 calls and several unexplained rashes, my husband and I learned that our 6 month old son had multiple food allergies. I too had to eliminate these foods from my diet as I was a breastfeeding mother. The transition was difficult at first but we soon adapted. Now he is a crazy little toddler and is still allergic to the same foods. As he gets older, it can be hard to plan out the day and accommodate him. Whether it's a cookout or birthday party, I often find he cannot eat any of the food offered. Thankfully, there are awesome allergy friendly treats like perfectly free which allow our kids to enjoy special treats without feeling left out. Our family loves perfectly free and we were so excited to discover these allergy friendly desserts. I love giving my son foods he enjoys and is safe eating. It truly means the world to me that there are food companies dedicated to creating allergy friendly and safe foods for my child. THANK you perfectly free!

"...I can be worry free!"

Michelle D.

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...I can be worry free!

My 3.5 year old daughter has a peanut allergy. Options are limited on special treats she can eat, especially during the summer with all the frozen goodies. Perfectly Free allows her to enjoy a delicious snack and I can be worry free!

"It's a 'perfect' treat..."

Amelia J.

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It's a 'perfect' treat...

My daughter who is three, was diagnosed with eosinophilic esophagitis and since then we've had to remove, nuts, dairy, eggs, soy, gluten, and fish. It's been a challenge finding food and not making her feel excluded in preschool. We are eternally grateful to companies who come out with products like perfectly free, so that she feels like a kid and doesn't let her food allergies get in the way of living her life as a sweet, smart , loving three year old! It's a 'perfect' treat on a summer day, or any day really! Rock on perfectly free, we think your company is perfect!!

"...something everyone needs..."

Amy G.

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...something everyone needs...

My one year old daughter is milk protein allergic. Products like this allow her to be free to be a kid. Enjoying a cool treat on a hot summer day is something everyone needs to be able to do, regardless of their dietary restrictions.

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